Wednesday, August 25, 2010

11 years ago today - Happy Birthday Molly!

It really does seem like no time at all. One day we're holding her in our arms for the very first time, the next, suddenly, amazingly, wonderfully, she's 11.

Off to secondary school in a couple of weeks, grown up, ready to face the world. Yet still, always, always, our gorgeous little girl. And much to her embarrassment, she always will be.

(Molly perfecting that grumpy teenage look - but the hint of a smile ruins it!)

Happy Birthday Molly. Love you.

Oh yes, we got presents, shouldn't forget about the presents (Molly certainly hasn't! She may be all grown up, but that doesn't stop her getting all hyper excited the night before her birthday before eventually collapsing, alarm clock set for 7am, into bed at 11pm). The slightly sad thing about this years present haul is that I realised as we were wrapping them that this was the first year ever that Molly didn't have any actual toys. Wii games, dvds, books - but no actual toys.

[sob] growing up is hard for the parents to take [sob]

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