Saturday, October 23, 2010

Computers, computers, computers - why I really don't want to get a new one

My lovely Windows XP desktop is on it's last legs. Back in June it developed this annoying intermittent fault that means every few weeks I have to do a system restore to a good point, then spend a couple of hours adding things and changing settings so that it all works how I want it to. But looking back at the receipt I'm amazed to find that I bought the thing in January 2003. It's nearly 8 years old for god's sake.

Now I could keep doing that for a while longer, but there's always that feeling in the back of my mind that some day, probably some day quite soon, it's just not going to bloody work any more. And it's always going to happen at exactly the worst time.

Which means I've decided to get a new computer now, when it suits me. The downside of all this is that it means my obsessive compulsive behaviour kicks in and I have to learn a new operating system and get the new computer doing exactly what I want it to. But at least I've managed to survive on XP long enough to skip over Vista and get Windows 7.

And please, no-one pop up and tell me I should get a Mac. I've seriously thought about this over the last few months. If I'm changing operating systems, I figured at one point I may as well go the whole hog and go Apple. Except for three main things:
1) Money - I just can't afford the £1000 a mac would cost.
2) Fear - it's completely different, I'd have to learn it all again.
3) School - we're on a Microsoft network that I have to look after and I'd like to stay Microsoft at home to keep my hand in.

So sometime this half term I'll be getting myself a new Windows box. With Windows 7. And then I'll start the stressful process of getting it just how I want it. Which for most people would be something that they do gradually. But not for me. I'm far too obsessive about these sort of things. And based on what happened back in June when I had to completely reinstall my current PC, I know it's going to go something like this: 1 day of reinstalling everything (programs, internet connection, restore all my data) and then 2 days of getting the music sorted. Again, most people would just be happy getting iTunes installed, iPod synched and then tinker with tracklistings, artwork and all the fiddly stuff over the next few months. But not me. Oh no, it all has to be done and sorted immediately.

I really am hopeless, aren't I?

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