Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Welcome to the Brutons.... SCOUT

We've finally succumbed.

Molly's spent a long time pestering us over this. Pitiful notes left overnight "I'm lonely and would love an 'ickle friend to cuddle" was one of them. But various things got in the way, most obviously Molly's GCSE revision and exams (results are on the 20th August). But then a work colleague announced that their cat was pregnant, and due whilst Molly's exams were on, meaning the kittens would be ready to wean and rehome around now.

This was them a couple of days old...

Yes. Spectacularly cute.

Louise had always said there was no way she'd have another ginger tom after she had so many years with her wonderful boy Timmy (see here and here). But all it really took was a photo of the bundles of fur and she was sold. So today we went and picked up our new member of the family.

As for the name, Molly came up with SCOUT (from Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird) before we knew we were getting a boy. But it's just stuck. So Scout it is.

And here he is.... getting acquainted with life at Bruton Mansions...


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