Friday, June 02, 2006

I-tunes covers completed. Obsessed? Me?

As I posted a while back (link) I have my music collection carefully copied onto hard disk and on I-tunes.
But Rachel (Louise's niece who may even be reading this, in which case, get back to revising now) showed me how to attach the album covers to each song.

So, 4575 songs later, it is complete.

Night after night after night of getting cover images from google images and amazon, I've finally linked all the songs to their appropriate album. This means that when I eventually get my shiny new full size I-pod and can put all the songs on it, the covers will appear on it's screen and I will be a very happy little obsessive.

Of course, each month I diligently save up for the big I-pod and for the last few months that money has been taken up with replacing something else, putting the I-pod just out of financial reach. Last month it was a nice new camera to replace the one that decided to stop working overnight. And the month before it was a replacement handheld & portable keyboard.

Isn't obsessive behaviour wonderful?

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