Friday, June 09, 2006

The Little Endless Storybook - Jill Thompson

Molly has always had bedtime stories and from the age of two I was always looking for comics that she might find interesting.

Try as hard as I might, no comic really got her attention. She recognised Bone, but didn't really like it yet, she laughed at Gaiman & McKean's "Why I Sold My Dad For Two Goldfish" but it was a bit long.

So I brought Little Endless home to review but she got hold of it first. "Doggy, daddy, doggy daddy" was her first reaction, "read it" was her second. It was a hit, she'd sit through it over & over again & loves it every time. There's no higher recommendation than that.

Obviously it's based on characters from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman (bbc h2g2, wikipedia) It's "suggested for mature readers of all ages" and it's an enchanting little illustrated storybook. Jill Thompson's beautiful art brings the pages to life and the great but simple story concerns Delirium of the Endless getting lost and being tracked down by her faithful dog Barnabas. Lovely and well worth hunting down for yourself and your children.

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