Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup 2006. Finally, we're off....

Blogger was down again last night, must be my fault.

World Cup has finally started and I've just I have no idea whether I'll post less because I'm doing nothing but watch football or more because after watching football I'll want to rant and rave about it!

This afternoon I rushed home to catch the start of the whole thing. Germany v Costa Rica was interesting. Germany looked good going forward but a terrible defense. If they meet anyone good I can see them letting in 5 or 6 at least.

Second game is Poland v Ecuador. No idea at all about this one.

But the main event is tomorrow. England v Paraguay.
It looks very much like Sven's going to be playing Rooney later on in he group stages, but surely not against Paraguay. although it would be worth seeing him run out just to capture the look of horror of Alex Ferguson's face.
The main worry for me is Steven Gerrard. He's playing tomorrow but there's now that niggle about his back, injury prone little bastard isn't he?

I think they both need to look at the example set in the Rugby World Cup by Jonny Wilkinson. No injury was going to stop him playing, winning the World Cup was all that mattered. No matter that it's seemingly cost him his playing career.
That's right Wayne, Steven. We may be looking for some form of heroic sacrifice this time. And you may be that heroic sacrifice. It's worth it. Give up your career's for the World Cup. Cheers.

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