Wednesday, July 19, 2006

And it's back to messing about with the Categories again....

After having spent a while on the categories back in May, I thought I'd cracked it, using Bloggers own search facility to categorise my posts.
Well, that worked until last week i think.
At some point last week or there abouts, it went completely wrong and would only give out 1 result at a time, not all the results needed to make the Category thing work.


Like all things worth doing, it's always best to have a look on Google to see if someone's already done it for you. (What did we do before Google?)

Luckily for me, there are several hacks and work-a-rounds for getting categories into Blogger. Unfortunately none of them appealed. They either looked like they'd fail like the last one I tried or they just weren't elegant enough.

Then I stumbled across this one.
It uses the idea that instead of messing around with coding and automating it all, it's better to just roll up your sleeves and manually create categories.
It's simple, it's elegant and it works.

The way it does it is by creating a new weblog post for each category you need. (In my case that would be a new post for Books, Comics, Gigs, Music etc).
Then every time you create a new post you put the shortcut to the new post on the relevant category post page.

The only downside is that I've got to go back and individually put every entry so far onto the category pages. Which is why it's 2am and I'm typing this. Have done March, April and May so far.
Of course if Blogger actually bothered to put categories in itself I wouldn't have to do this would I?

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