Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Molly's on holiday, wheel out the cheap childcare....

Today was Molly's first day of her summer holidays.
I have to wait until Friday before we finish school.
This means that for the next few days we're playing the great parent game of:
"please look after my children, go on, please"

Today I drove to Louise's Auntie Delia to deposit my child for her breakfast and childcare for the day.
It's lovely that she's so content in herself but just occasionally it would be nice to get a little more than a casual "bye dad" as I'm leaving her for the day.
Molly of course had a fantastic time.

Then I left work early and rushed across to pick her up so we could get to our new dentist in Dudley for our 4:30 checkup.

Following that we drove to Grandma & Grandpa's house where we deposited small child for her sleepover.
Molly is obviously loving the whole thing, and ushered us out of the house as soon as we'd finished drinks. No doubt she's already wound my mum and dad round her little finger as usual and is currently convincing them to let her watch the end of The princess Diaries even though she should be in bed! Still, that's what Grandparents are for.
So we're now at home, Louise is having a quick bath and I'm blogging and in 2 minutes time we'll be out the door, heading off to party all night (or until we get a bit tired and feel like heading in).

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