Monday, July 03, 2006

The Baby Mind Reader - General Public = Bloody Morons.

I caught a little bit of some piece of TV shite called "The Baby Mind Reader".
This is a show where a strange looking man goes into some sad, scum household and tells them what's wrong with their children - but he does it by "reading" their children.
No, I'm not making it up.

He really is convincing these morons that he has the ability to read / channel / communicate telepathically / (insert dubious practice of your own choosing here) the child in question.

He's remarkably good at it as well.
Just the other week he was in a house where neither mom nor dad had time or inclination to tidy up. The house was piled high with rubbish, nothing was clean, no order at all. Surprisingly this miracle-worker has "read" that the child wants some order in this pigsty and wants to be able to find anything.
What next - visiting a crack mom and miraculously channeling a plea for less fucked up people in the bathroom when baby wants poo-poo?

& no, I'm not following this, it's just been on a couple of times when I flicked channels and it's such a cynical, nasty concept that I had to look more deeply. And I'm not alone in hating this - look here, here, here, here & here for starters.

It's hideous, exploitative, utterly cynical TV. It's lowest common denominator TV, reality parenting show hell and it's probably going to be huge because let's face it, he's not going to run pout of morons to go on it nor morons who want to watch this nasty, dangerous rubbish.

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