Monday, July 03, 2006

Wanted - prong straightening tool

Someone, somewhere, must produce a "straightening the little bloody prongs at the bottom of a network card slot tool".
Because I needed one today after some little prat at school took the card out, rammed one of the keys from the keyboard into the slot and forced the card back in.
It has taken the best part of 2 hours and numerous little ingenious tricks to:
-prop the network slot covers open without restricting access
-shine a light into the slot without blocking my view
-get a lens good enough to magnify the prongs yet small enough to not completely cover the hole.
-find something thin enough and strong enough to get between two rows of prongs and try to move them back into place.

& guess what - it's still bloody broken.

Maybe what I actually need is a "sterilise them before we get anymore of the little fuckwits" tool?

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