Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dr Who - series review of sorts

Very late with this review, meant to do it sooner, but things just slipped somewhat......

We're going to miss the traditional Sunday morning Dr Who watch in Bruton mansions.

We genuinely enjoyed the whole series and even those episodes that every one else seemed to hate (Girl in a Fireplace & the one with Peter Kaye in it) have kept all three of us absolutely enthralled.
I did find out that these views aren't shared by the online fansites (I was looking for the quotes I've used a little further on), it appears a lot of hard-core fans thought this series lost it completely and became very silly.

We've given up trying to decide whether we prefer Tennant or Eccleston as the Doctor. Because we've come to the conclusion that we don't really care, just as long as it's Russell T Davis writing the series.

The Cybermen were as scary and as disturbing as I remember them. I always thought they were worse than the Daleks when I was a child, there was something more recognisably human, yet more terrifying, probably due to the lack of humanity.
Molly seemed to agree as well, having spent a fair amount of time screaming in terror at the sight of them. Which is exactly how it should be after all.
With the season finale finally answering the whole "who would win a fight" debate I felt slightly embarrassed for the Cybermen being so obviously crap compared to the Daleks.
And I thought the whole Dalek and Cyberman face off was very funny:

C "Daleks be warned, you have declared war on the Cybermen"
D "This is not war, this is pest control"
C "We have 5 million Cybermen, how many are you?"
D "4"
C "You would destroy the Cybermen with 4 Daleks?"
D "We would destroy the Cybermen with 1 Dalek. You are superior in only 1 respect."
C "What is that?"
D "You are better at dying."

The one thing I was really chuffed about this time round was that I kinda-sorta guessed the ending correctly. I told Louise and Molly that I reckoned Jackie and Rose would go back to the other Earth to be with Rose's dad.
None of us thought Russell T Davies would actually kill her, purely because she'd already said in the opening voice over that she'd died. So all we had to do was work out how she was going to die without actually dying.
As soon as Mickey and the Cybermen came back it was obvious that the Other Earth was going to be involved and I figured that they'd all go back there, to be trapped forever.
So sort of right-ish.
What I didn't get was that Rose would choose not to go and she'd have to be rescued by her dad and effectively stranded in one of the saddest scenes the three of us have ever had to sit through. Tears all round.

All three of us are looking forward to the Christmas episode. It looks like Christmas Day will be ending for us with Dr Who again this year.

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