Saturday, July 22, 2006

Summer holidays are here......

Now I'm aware it may not fill you all with glee, but I finished school for the long six weeks of summer today.

This is one of the main draws of working in education - the holidays. And whenever you get the urge to do something else, the thought of losing the long summer break fills you with dread!

Highlight of the holidays will , as usual, be Molly's birthday at the end of August.
But aside from that the only thing we have planned for the holiday is that Molly is at King's Camps - the summer camp, sports, sports and more sports - for two weeks in the middle. This accomplishes two things, stops her getting bored with 6 weeks of solid parents for company and also gives me a little bit of time.

In the past I've used the six weeks for many things. One summer many years ago it was teach yourself computers in 6 weeks, but usually it's getting on with loads of stuff around the house. In Molly's last summer at nursery we had the biggest home improvement session we've ever seen (Cellar, Boiler, Carpet, re-paint all the ceilings, repaint and change bedroom, relay all floorboards in bedroom, hammer nail through central heating pipe - not a planned diy activity the last one).

So this summer. Who knows. Louise suggests lots of rest and lazing around in the garden and maybe even catch up with all the dvds I haven't watched. Or whole weeks of reading. Bliss.

One thing I should really do is get information on ICT qualifications and expanding my cv to include ICT and childcare. In fact that would be an ideal job if anyone knows of one - ICT technician / Classroom assistant in a nice primary school. But first I need to get qualifications and I don't get those by sitting and doing nothing all holiday!

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