Saturday, July 22, 2006

New fencing and why I don't do gardening.....

We have new fencing in the garden.

They did a very good job and were surprisingly cheap, which is always good. Rather that than expensive and rubbish - like MFI when they fitted our bathroom.

The only problem is that they had to take quite a lot of plants out whilst they were taking out fences, which means the garden is looking a little bare at the moment. But Dad & Louise will soon rectify that.

I say Dad & Louise because I'm no longer allowed to work in the garden. My principle of gardening could be summed up thus:
Why cut back this plant a little and have to re-do it in 3 weeks when you can really cut it back and probably have to re-do it in 3 months time?
Louise got a little fed up with coming back to the house and finding the garden a minimalist haven for severely hacked plants.
Result; I no longer garden. I just get to enjoy sitting out in it.

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