Thursday, July 06, 2006

World Cup 2006 - semi-finals

Well, the semi-finals are over and done with. I did watch them, even though the intense thrill has gone with England's exit.

Glad to see I was absolutely spot on with my prediction back before the tournament that Italy wouldn't make it out of the group. Poo.
They played a fantastic, very un-Italian game against Germany and at the end, after those two last minute goals I found myself feeling the impossible. I was feeling sorry for the Germans. Unbelievable.

Tonight's match wasn't as good as the Italy-Germany match, but much enjoyment was to be had playing spot the Portuguese dive (answer: every time one of them had the ball near the area) and even more fun hearing the entire non-Portuguese section of the crowd joining in with the booing, ironic cheers and just plain abuse heaped upon Ronaldo. Funny.

So the Final will be Italy v France.
Don't think anyone would ever have predicted that one.

But just time for one last prediction - Italy to win 3-1.

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  1. Anonymous6:55 PM

    I think some of the pundits have been a bit harsh about this world cup - I think there have been some really enjoyable games - the Germany v Italy was excellent. I think it could be a really great game if both teams hit their peak form, and I'm going to disagree...2 - 1 to France. From Dave, the Vario Boy.