Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A disastrous start to the football season for AFC Fictions.....

Well, it's finally started.
The football season is here, and with it comes my annual attempt to play along in a fantasy football league game.
My game of choice is Fantasy League (link).
Each year I diligently pick my teams, poring over the form sheets and news articles, the reports of new players, who's hot and who's not.
Each year I present my best team for my budget and by the end of the first week I usually make half a teams worth of changes because the first week's results aren't great.

Not this year though.
This year has been a disaster. After the first weekend I am in 22,541st place with a total of 1 point. Awful.
Wholesale changes have been made.
Obviously I can put some of the blame at the foot of the stressy thing that cannot be named.
(Oooh, the mystery)
But mostly it's because I am rubbish.

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