Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Cure Reissues - a Cure fan and his money etc etc...

Blue Sunshine - Deluxe Edition (Amazon Link - The Glove)
The Head on the Door: Deluxe Edition (Amazon Link - The Cure)

This was going to be part of a series of posts entitled "my favourite bands - ever", but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet and wanted to talk about these instead.

As you may know, I've adored the Cure since a young age, so the deluxe remastered series is exactly the sort of thing a saddo like me is going to end up buying. Now bearing in mind I've already got all the cds in question and the second discs are of varying quality, why, you may ask, have I shelled out another £10 each for them?
Because they're Cure cds, with stuff I haven't got on them, that's why.

For example, the last set of reissues, 17 Seconds, Faith & Pornography had at least two songs on each extra cd that I'd have paid money for ages ago on bootlegs. But they've just not been available before now, so like any addict, I had to buy the cds all over again.
This series of 4 reissues, The Top, The Head on the Door, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me and the Robert Smith / Steve Severin side-project The Glove - Blue Sunshine isn't as laden with great extras as the original series, but what the hell.
At least the Glove second disc has all of Robert Smith's vocal versions of the songs (he was contractually not allowed to sing on the whole album originally). The Top & Head on the Door at least have a couple of unreleased things, but Kiss Me is just studio demos of the album and a couple of live tracks.

But I had to have them anyway. And if you really have to ask why then you've never loved a band the way I loved the Cure. In fact, I've still got quite a thing going for them even now when we're both getting a little long in the tooth.

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