Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Days Like This - J Torres & Scott Chantler

It's the early 60s & pop music is entering a golden age. Nowhere more so than Detroit, home of Motown, or in this case; Harmony Plaza - the biggest hit factory in the world.

This is a story of 7 young women, all taking their first steps in the music industry. The housewife starting her own record label. The songwriter waiting to kickstart her career & the group of fresh faced teenage schoolgirls dreaming of their chance to sing their dreams as Tina & the Tiaras.

Days Like This is a pure, original tale of another time.
The spirit of the early 60s sweeps through the book & It feels nostalgic yet fresh & really brightens your day. It’s a shining example of crossover comics; things that your wife or your mom would love as much as you do.

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