Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1 day left in Birmingham - Bloody Hell!!!

It's just past midnight on Wednesday 18th October.

This means that when I go to bed, we have just one whole day left in Birmingham.

Weirdly neither Louise or myself are particularly upset (yet) at the thought of leaving the house. Maybe it's because we're sick of being surrounded by all these boxes, maybe it's because we've been working so very hard towards getting the move sorted, maybe it's because we mentally said goodbye to the house a long time ago when we decided to start thinking about moving to Yorkshire.
Maybe it's all of these things and more.

Right now the thing that's particularly bothering me is that we've just run out of packing tape.
Trip to Tesco in the morning then after dropping Molly off for her last day at school.
There's bound to be tears tomorrow, but overall she's taken the whole thing incredibly well.

Removal men are coming round at 1 tomorrow afternoon.
They will be leaving us with mattresses, kettle, TV and a few bits. That's it. We're having a special takeout and campout night and we can guarantee Molly wont go to bloody sleep till late.

Then Thursday morning removal men are picking up the last things and we get to race them up to York. Okay, probably not a race, but we're all planning on getting there about 1, when hopefully all the money will go through and the keys to our new house will be available.

Then all we have to do is get everything sorted, unloaded, phone the electric people, gas people and water people. Plan for Thursday is to get Molly settled, her room sorted and her playing happily till bedtime. Then we'll start on the rest of the house.

So posting will be a little sparse to say the least!

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