Wednesday, October 18, 2006

All done, bye bye house, bye bye Birmingham

Sadly I'm sitting here on the floor of the office, having a beer in an empty room.

Everything has been packed up, everything has gone from the house on the removal van. All that's left is a couple of mattresses for us to sleep on, the TV for molly to watch in the morning, the fridge freezer and the computer.

So of course, I'm sat here typing this. And I'm reminded of the Nostalgia & Comics joke that one day I'm going to achieve a higher state of being by sitting in a white room, completely featureless, just me and the computer. Well guys and girls.... I'm pretty close right now. The room's blue and green not white but apart from that I've achieved it!

It's been a surreal day. The removal men came around 1. And just cracked on with it all, incredibly fast, really well organised. In the end it took just 3 hours to get everything on the van.

It's strange to be in your own house for the final time seeing it pretty much the way it was when you moved in. (Well, the decor's better this time I suppose and the bathroom's newer, but you get the idea.)
For a start the whole place seems huge. Really huge.
And of course it's strange seeing the place you've spent the last 10 years in looking nothing like it's meant to. But we're all keen to get on the road tomorrow and see what we can make of the next house.
Onward, ever onward.
This time tomorrow we'll be exhausted and hopefully happy, amidst chaos of packing boxes wondering exactly where we put the screwdrivers and why these ikea units don't fit together like they're meant to.

Blogging will have to wait a few days.

Signing off from Birmingham.
Next time we speak, we'll be approximately 131 miles further north trying to make the new life work out just right.

Goodnight Birmingham, sleep tight.

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