Monday, November 06, 2006

More audio troubles of my own making....

Having finally sorted the office out exactly as I want it, and having spent enough time in it to feel comfortable now.
But I do have an audio problem.

In the old office I had everything set up exactly right for the room. Digital radio next to me on the shelf, and next to that was my mini i-pod in the on stage speaker dock and then that was wired into the proper stereo speakers behind me. So I could control the volume on the sound stage and the system speakers from where I sat. In essence I had stereo behind me and the sound from the i-pod speaker dock to my right.

Now the new office is much smaller than the old one. Not a problem in terms of work or anything else. After all, how much room do you need to sit at the computer?

But the room just felt too small to even bother putting up the proper stereo. It would just overwhelm the room. Plus, I'm on the same floor as Molly now so I can't turn the volume up too much!

So I've got the digital radio set up just fine.
But the mini i-pod is causing problems.

I had planned to buy a new I-pod 30Gb at Christmas for myself instead of just having a fifth of my music available at a time on the mini i-pod. And I was also going to buy a Monitor i-pod speaker system (Meant to be much better than either the Bose or the i-pod hi-fi & it's only £99 at Amazon at the moment). But I'm currently thinking that even that would be too much sound and a needless expense.

Which brings me to my point - why the hell am I stressing about this when in effect I've saved myself at least £100? The sound from the On-stage speakers is fine for the room.

So after years of needing a full separates system; amp, tuner, cd player & speakers, my musical requirements are fulfilled by just this setup:

I need to stop worrying, get the proper i-pod and move on don't I?

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