Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad back. So I think I shall spend all day working at the computer.
That will be very good.

Well, today was shit.

I suppose I could leave it there and remain mysterious, but let's waffle on for a bit shall we?

The main problem is, as usual, me.
I should be enjoying this time, spending it soaking up the environment and enjoying the new Yorkshire life. But being me, I've set myself the task of getting a job. This means today I had a list of things to do as long as my arm. (Well, actually as long as a couple of screens on the palmtop, but you get the idea.)

It started well, popped to the market after dropping Molly off at school. Got the shopping we needed and got the new bolt for the back door.

Then went to the doctors about my back. (See here, here & here).
Guess what?
I have a bad back.
Isn't the NHS great?
He's put me down for a physiotherapy appointment sometime in the new year.
Back obviously was in no mood to be talked about and insisted on giving me jarring spasms all the way home.

Got home and put the bolt on first time of trying. Which, for those of you who know my DIY skills, is quite something.
Then I got a few mundane phone calls out the way:
Argos - to spend a fortune buying a bed for the spare room so all our friends can pop up and visit.
The solicitor to take about the sale of the Birmingham house - still going through, should be sold by December-ish which would be nice so we can actually reduce the bloody mortgage on this and afford to eat food again.

So far, so good.
Then realise the TV is on the bloody blink. Snowy, patchy signal on Ch1-4 and nothing on 5 at all.
& then realise the Digital radio is playing up as well. Wont pick up any BBC stations.
Arse. After a bit of web searching find out that the TV is down to weather conditions and the digital radio might be down to transmitter repair. But it might be that the signal here is so crap that I've been lucky so far in getting anything and it's finally crapped out. So no 6 music today. Arse.

Then finally got around to the work of the day:
Applying for a couple of jobs that had come through the post.
Trying to sort out a concise yet detailed covering letter for my cv (and after 8 drafts, failing).
Sorting out the extra information bit to put on the job application forms.

My problem is that I'm trying to get jobs as a Primary school Teaching Assistant because that's what I want to do and I know I'd be really good at it. But, having no experience of primary school work, I may not even get past the application form stage for some jobs. Hence the need for covering letters and a bloody great personal statement (you know - the huge bit of blank paper - give your reasons for applying for this job)

Then came the worst bit, phoning a load of employment agencies, specifically education based ones. I may as well have told then I was a bloody acrobat. They don't really do support staff on the whole. Sure, a couple do, but they don't advertise the fact and that means phoning them all and, after explaining the situation to the thick bloke / woman on the other end of the phone, being told they just do teachers.
Of the 20 I phoned, 5 want me to email my cv to them. Of those I confidently predict 0 will do anything about it.

But I have to try.
Because I have to think I'm doing everything I can to get a job.
Because, being me, I'm not capable of actually stopping stressing to actually realise that it wouldn't be the end of the bloody world to be out of work a little while. We're tight for money, but not that tight that it's desperate times if I don't get a job.
But I can't sit back and relax. I have to be doing stuff and can't ever sit down and relax, confident in the knowledge that tomorrow is another day.

Have to work on that one I think.

So, after a shit day, do I regret moving.
Of course I bloody well do not. Don't ask stupid questions.

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