Tuesday, February 27, 2007

PROPAGANDA - the return

Well, it's been a strange few weeks.....
Over the past few weeks I've been mentioning that more of my time is being spent reviewing graphic novels, here's why:

Back in January, when the Nostalgia & Comics & Me posts started to get a bit of linkage action and a few favourable mentions, I was approached by one of the people behind the Forbidden Planet International weblog about putting links to the weblog and the Nostalgia & Comics & Me posts on the FPI blog.

The Forbidden Planet International blog is fast becoming required reading for all of us comic fans. It's full of comics news and the people behind it are good guys.
For those of you who don't know, FPI is a chain of comic shops in Britain (& New York). They often get referred to in fairly derogatory terms, primarily because a lot of comic fans still don't like the idea of a comic shop chain.
And to be honest, when FPI took over Nostalgia & Comics I was full of venom at the corporate enemy taking over "my" wonderful shop.
(again, see the Nostalgia & Comics & Me posts, specifically this one).
But over the years, my attitude towards them softened. As a company they seemed very happy to not interfere too much in the running of the shop, letting us concentrate on making it the best place we could for selling comics and graphic novels.
And recently, with the establishment of the Forbidden Planet International weblog as part of the FPI website, my attitude has got positively mushy towards them.
The weblog proved to me and hopefully to many more readers out there that FPI isn't the horrible big pop culture company it's so often painted as. The folks behind the weblog are as much in love with comics of all kinds as we are at Nostalgia & Comics.

Which is handy really, because from tomorrow (all being well) I'm writing a column for them.
Based on the Propaganda newsletter I used to do at Nostalgia & Comics.

update: 28/02/07 - first one's up for your enjoyment here.

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