Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PROPAGANDA - start here......

There's a saying at Nostalgia & Comics;
They say that once you've worked there, it's impossible to truly leave.
In my case, it's certainly true.

After working there in one form or another from 1987 to 2006, I finally left to move 131 miles up North to Pocklington. And I missed the place so much that I started writing long, tortuous blog entries here about my years in the shop I loved.

And through those weblog entries, Kenny at FPI got in touch and asked me if I could do something for the FPI weblog.
So I'm dragged back into the fold. And bloody happy to be back I must say.

The one thing I always took for granted as an employee was the breadth of reading material I had at my fingertips and the enormous amount of reading I was able to do. I knew so much about the stock because I took the time to find out. I read so much because it's important for anyone working in a comic shop to know what they're selling.
After all; how else can you recommend something wonderful to every member of the public that walks through the door?

I took it one stage further by producing the Nostalgia & Comics newsletter of recommended reading - PROPAGANDA.
Every month I sweated over squeezing reviews onto an A4 sheet and getting it printed in time to hit the shelves. Lots of fun, lots of readers and hopefully lots of people picking up new books because we told them how bloody good they were.

But upon moving up north I immediately found myself completely cut off from the wonderful world of comics. Sure, there's comic shops fairly locally. But it's not the same as having the entire stock to play with is it? For one thing it's really difficult to keep up with everything that's coming out and what might be worth reading if you're not there regularly.

But now we have a solution:
Thanks to Kenny & Joe at the FPI blog I'll be writing reviews for your reading pleasure and they'll be up on the FPI blog every couple of weeks. Either as a block like today or as single longer reviews.

I'm calling it PROPAGANDA because that's what it's always been called and it seemed nice to keep the old link to PROPAGANDA at Nostalgia & Comics.
I'll pick some old, some new and maybe even some future releases to have a look at and give you an honest opinion on whether you, dear reader, should spend your hard earned cash on it.

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