Thursday, February 22, 2007

Better late than never eh?
Top comics & graphic novels of 2006 from staff at Nostalgia & Comics

Every year at Nostalgia & Comics we used to poll the staff and work out our favourite books of the year.
Well, just because I'm not there anymore doesn't mean I'm going to give up this tradition.... it does however mean that I end up forgetting about this post until nearly two months into the bloody year. But in the spirit of completion, good housekeeping and wanting to get to bed early tonight without actually sitting up for the next two hours (1 blogging, 1 reviewing), here goes....

Of course, it isn't particularly representative, only 4 of the staff managed to get it together enough to do a list - you people are obviously far too busy selling comics to do these dammit.

(that's me - bloody crap year for me reading comics - too much other stuff going on and I missed Oct-Dec with the house move altogether!)

All Star Superman
The Escapists
Desolation Jones
Fun Home
The Bakers
The Fate of the Artist
Disease of Language

All Star Superman
Dr Strange, The Oath
The Escapists
Justice League Of America
Seven Soldiers Of Victory
Pride Of Baghdad
Daredevil, Devil Inside And Out
Gotham Central vol 4 The Quick And The Dead
Ultimate Fantastic Four vol 5
Alias Omnibus

The Walking Dead
Pride of Baghdad
Iron Man: Extremis
Desolation Jones Volume 1: Made in England
Silent Dragon
Marvel Zombies
Green Lantern: Rebirth
Batman and the Monster Men
The Quitter

DC: The New Frontier Absolute edition
Pride of Bagdad
American Born Chinese
The Complete Peanuts 1955 - 1958
DMZ: On the ground
Daredevil: The Devil Inside and Out
Next Wave: Agents of H.A.T.E. - This is what they want
Making Comics

Update 26/02/07:
Finally the other Rich posted his up on his own blog here:
But for completeness' sake these are his:
1) Pride of Baghdad
(2) Daredevil: The Devil Inside and Out Volume One
(3) Desolation Jones Volume 1: Made in England
(4) Revelations
(5) Iron Man: Extremis
(6) DC The New Frontier: Absolute Edition
(7) Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E Volume One: This Is What They Want
(8) Kingdom Come: Absolute Edition
(9) Silent Dragon
(10) Marvel Zombies

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