Friday, February 23, 2007

FPI weblog for Eagle awards - oh, go on.....

Joe Gordon and the ever informative FPI weblog are up for an eagle award.
Even though I used to work for the company I think I can say, without bias, that Joe and the gang are trying to create a really informative comics based web resource with the FPI blog.

In many respects the blog is very different from the stores. Where the stores have to split their attention between comics, graphic novels and huge, badly packaged toys, the weblog concentrates more and more on providing the best comics and graphic novel information it can.

Even before this weblog was featured on the site,the FPI blog had joined the required comics news reading list of Journalista & Comics Reporter. But personally I think the FPI blog has much better local, UK and European news and features.

I've cast my vote, now it's up to you.....
Nomination form here.

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