Saturday, February 24, 2007

On tiredness....

Well, this was going to be a longish post detailing a decision to try to give my sleep/wake patterns a good kicking. But ironically I'm really flagging and intend to actually listen to my body and head for bed. I may even make it to my bed before midnight.

I've found myself, over the last couple of weeks, getting more and more bogged down with life, work, reviews, weblogging and countless other minutiae that make up daily life. I'm getting more and more stressed with it all as well and am getting the horrible feeling of being stuck on a tread mill. Lots of work, never ending and going nowhere.

One problem may be that I'm just tired. Really tired. Too the bones tired, the sort of tired that doesn't really register physically on an obvious level because you find yourself so far past the yawning a bit stage of tired. I'm at the body getting sick stage. Even worse, I'm at the mind threatening to explode with the tiredness stage as well.

So from tonight, a new leaf. Earlier to bed.

And, in a final irony for tonight, I haven't made it to bed before midnight, but I'm a damn sight nearer than I have been any other night this year.

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