Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PROPAGANDA - first set of reviews online....

The first set of PROPAGANDA reviews is online at the fpi weblog - here.

The first set is:

Desolation Jones - Warren Ellis / JH Williams
Superman Confidential - Darwyn Cooke / Tim Sale
All Star Superman - Grant Morrison / Frank Quitely
Chronicles of Wormwood - Garth Ennis / Jacen Burrows
Shazam - Monster Society of Evil - Jeff Smith
Stephen King's The Dark Tower - Peter David / Jae Lee
Batman & Spirit - Jeph Loeb / Darwyn Cooke
The Spirit - Darwyn Cooke / J Bone

All of these were things picked up last time I was back at Nostalgia & Comics. Some my own choice, some things the other members of staff thought I'd like or wanted me to try. As always, it's interesting to try new things. (Except for the Dark Tower. There was nothing either fun, good or worth the trees that died for it in the Dark Tower. Horrible).

Now to get started on the second batch of stuff. Time to get reading.

So head on over to the fpi blog and say hello

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