Saturday, May 26, 2007

Beckham return for England?

Now, please don't get me wrong; I thought Beckham was a fantastic player and a wonderful captain for England.
Indeed, back here when I posted about his resignation as England captain I said that I hoped he'd be back as an England player for the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

However, once Steve McClaren had made the decision to axe Beckham I actually applauded him for starting to make the sweeping changes we needed to become a major World and European force again. I foolishly assumed that the dropping of Beckham would be followed by the dropping of other aging players and a re-imagining of the England team as a young team that could be moulded and shaped to get ready to play at Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010.
But I should have realised, McClaren isn't the sort of manager to actually stand up and do anything radical. Indeed, he's not really the sort of manager to do anything different form his predecessor at all, including win anything. The last few England games have shown us how desperate the whole things become. There were times watching the last shambles against Israel when I thought that in future we should just send the Under 21s out to play for their country., At least they'd play with spirit and passion and some pride for the badge.

But now McClaren has done the U-turn and Beckham is back for the Brazil friendly and maybe more. What, please tell me, is the bloody point of that? Does it give the manager a better idea of the squad he's going to take to Euro 2008? Of course not.

God help us though, if Steve's in charge much longer, we probably won't even make it to Euro 2008.

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