Monday, May 07, 2007

Dr Who, Casino Royale & Spider-Man 3 ..... busy weekend!

We all settled down Saturday night as is our habit to watch Dr Who.
After last week's horribly bad Daleks in Manhattan Louise and I were sitting ready to cover our eyes again for all the wrong reasons, but thank God we were really pleased to see a return to form.
This week's episode was pretty good. Not great mind, still too much "oh look, hypersonic waves and here we are in a church and look, there's an organ" but still lots of fun.

And the trailer for the rest of the series, shown instead of the normal "coming next week" trail (because coming next week is the Eurovision Song Contest instead), looks stunningly good.

We also got around to watching Casino Royale finally and Molly ended up going to see Spider-Man 3. So all in all it's been a pretty busy media weekend at Bruton mansions.

Casino Royale and especially Daniel Craig was just fantastic Bond. Just the right edge and nastiness to make it seem more realistic and genuine than Brosnan did.

And Molly absolutely loved SM3, although I have heard many people say it was a bit of a let down after 1 & 2 and that Rami made a mistake trying to shoehorn 3 villains and loads of FX into it instead of actually concentrating on character and storytelling like he did so well in 1 & 2.

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