Monday, June 11, 2007

All change at school
No change at school......Job update

After weeks of preparing for the big change at school, on Friday we found out that the boy I was going to be looking after in the afternoons isn't coming back until September.
So a little bit of an anticlimax here at Bruton mansions then!

Which means that today, instead of spending the afternoon looking after a hyperactive 7 year old on Ritalin I was carrying on with the coding for the school website.

The way my job is now shaping up is as follows:
From now until the end of Christmas term I am carrying on with my ICT technician job. This is the one covering maternity leave at the school.
The lady I'm covering for is making her mind up whether she comes back full, part or not-at-all time. Hopefully I'll find out sometime in the early Autumn term.

However, from various conversations with the head I get the feeling that I'll not have to worry about having a job come January. But whether this is doing the ICT technician job, looking after this Year 3 boy or something else we aren't sure yet.

All I know is that I'm extremely happy where I am and not particularly stressed out about the lack of definite employment from January. Which is nice.

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