Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer Holidays Week 1

For no other reason than I always forget what the hell I've done in the holidays.....

Monday 23rd July:
Today was workmen day. M&S to fix sofa, Ovenmaster to clean the oven, Washing Machine man to bring us our new washing machine and the courier with the BT homehub.
Amazingly they all came when they were meant to.
So the afternoon was spent in Pocklington shopping and tin the back garden playing swingball soccer.

Tuesday 24th July:
Off to Pocklington market - a rare treat as Molly and I don't get to go usually and we were away last holiday.
Then a trip to the car wash to clean the car in prep for it's service tomorrow. I have this stupid idea that the mechanics treat a clean car better. I know it's stupid. They treat all cars with complete contempt. But I still have to get it cleaned inside and out.
And then we started on the gluing of the bloody garage. Thanks to my dad, I've decided that sealing the walls and floor is a good idea to keep dust down.

Wednesday 25th July.
Man from garage came to pick the car up. He shall return it later tonight. Unless he wasn't really from garage at all and was just a nutter going round asking everyone for their cars?
More gluing the garage. More swingball.
Man returned car at 5:30.

Thursday 26th July
Finished garage / Swingball.
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at Pocklington Arts Centre

Friday 27th July
Park. B&Q.
A boring day when you put it into one line. But really good fun.

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