Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nintendo DS - Your help required......


We're going to get Molly a DS for her birthday.
But what games to get for an 8 year old girl. Not too girly, not too violent either.

We're definitely getting her a Nintendogs game - that's sorted.
But we were going to get the latest Harry potter, until I read the reviews on Amazon where it says it's not great.
Then we thought we'd get her the Star Wars Lego II. But again, Amazon reviews point out that it's got horrible glitches running all the way through it.

So, loyal and trusted readers, any ideas?


  1. I'm guessing you can't go wrong with anything from the Mario stable. I spent long hours playing Mario Cart a while back and have no regrets. It will warp her tiny mind but probably in a good way.

  2. I'd definitely go for Mario 64 or Mario kart. If you want to try something different go for Zoo keeper. A lovely little puzzle game.