Friday, September 07, 2007

My Yorkshire sky

Continuing the relaxed experience from earlier......

Sitting outside in the dark, underneath the most perfect black sky, the likes of which, glittering as it is with clearly visible stars, makes me realise yet again that the Yorkshire move was such a good move.

In fact I've taken to coming out here late at night, gin at my side and staring up at what I now call "My Yorkshire sky".

I may never really get used to being up here. It still seems like everywhere we go and everything we do has a distinct holiday feel. But if that never really goes away I'm not going to worry, after all, how many of us can say they feel like they're on holiday most of the time?

In my bones there's still a feel of the city. I'm still rooted in big cities at my core. But every passing week sees me getting into country living a little more until I can see a time when i'm genuinely going to see this as my only life, my real life. And will that, I wonder, be when the holiday is over and real life takes hold. And if so, do i really want it to happen?

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