Monday, May 12, 2008

Eagle Awards. Where are the Eagle Awards?????

Over at the FPI blog Joe has a report on the Eagle Awards. Not, as you may expect, a whole two days after the damn things were handed out at the Bristol Comics Expo, the actual results. Just this:
Mike Conroy has been in touch to say that the full official list of winners for the Eagle Awards, announced at the Bristol comics bash at the weekend, should be going up shortly (in fact, hopefully tomorrow). There’s been a bit of a re-organisation behind the scenes of the awards, with Mike not being able to dedicate as much time to it as before due to his own work and the fact that both the Eagles and the Bristol Expo seem to grow bigger each year, although he said that the exhibitors he spoke to seemed to think they still hadn’t lost the fannish roots. Likewise retailers he spoke to there all seem to have had a very worthwhile time amidst the heaving crowds (in fact Mike mentioned that the doors had to be closed for two brief periods because so many visitors came in they were pushing the maximum amount of bodies allowed in the main exhibition space! Now that’s quite a turnout!). Mike’s daughter Cassandra will be taking on much more of a role with the Eagles and hopefully we should hear an official list of this year’s winners shortly.
Sorry? The awards may be announced Tuesday. Three days after being given out?
Bloody hell, that's just a little poor really isn't it?
We live in the most connected of worlds. Social networking, email, twitter. It's all available.

Yet no-one, not one soul has managed to let us know what the results are. The best I've seen so far has been D'Israeli posting about his (much deserved) award for best inker.

Update - via Twitter - Matt Fraction as best newcomer.

But that's it. We saw earlier this year how it could be done, with a mass of journalists and bloggers reporting live from the New York convention. Maybe next year we'll finally manage to get our arses into collective gear and do something better about getting the news out.

Hell, in the time it took for them to get the train home London Underground Comics and Oli Smith had managed to put together one of their famous video blogs about the thing, yet we can't manage to put out a press release? Awful.

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