Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday Afternoons - only good if you're not working.. and Father's Day. Looks like a good weekend then ....

Oh how I love Friday afternoons. I'm not meant to work them but often I get sucked into doing something and find it impossible to leave. But I've made a decision from now until the end of term to finish on time, grab my stuff and head out, no matter what happens.

So today, at 1:10, already 10 minutes late, I turned off the new laptop I'd been installing and grabbed my bag. Without thinking I hit shut down and install updates. Fool. It's Windows, how many updates will have been released since the laptop was made? 56 of the bastards. It was half one before I got out today. Bah, Windows.

But that meant I could still get home, put my feet up and relax properly before having to pick wonderful daughter up from school. A cup of coffee, sunshine, radio 5 with Mayo and Kermode. Heaven is a simple thing sometimes.

So I enter the weekend feeling very relaxed and happy with myself. Molly's all better now after feeling ill earlier in the week and she's looking forward to waking me up nice and early on Sunday for MY day.
Mother's Day and Father's Day are both celebrated in this house (any excuse for Molly to open presents really). Except that this year, for the first time ever I've cheated slightly and put some money into buying my present. Molly doesn't know it but I part funded the buying of my present: a Logitech Ipod speaker system. A bit bigger than the JBL donut I've got now, but great sound and portable with a full remote. Very nice indeed.

Plus I'll get some proper surprises as well - at least a fab card and maybe something else she's made for me. It's always a marvellous morning. Last year I got a beautiful T-shirt and a model of me made out of clay. Gorgeous. Looking forward to it already.

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