Monday, June 09, 2008

Velocity, Escape and Crisis .... wallowing in the memories...

Warren Pleece is interviewed by Paul Gravett over on Paul's website. It's a nice review except for one slight problem: It's made me all nostalgic again.

Last time it was for Captain Britain. This time it's for Crisis and Revolver and Velocity.

I'll try to get around to talking about Crisis and Revolver at some point in the future, but I couldn't believe that I'd forgotten about Velocity.

Velocity issue 4 was one of the first homegrown magazines I ever saw that had that feeling of Love and Rockets, a professionally produced magazine with quality comics inside.

I know there may have been others, but this was the first one I ever saw. Another perfect example of the number of great comics we've never seen reprinted. There's a very long list of those.

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  1. Aw man, I remember buying issue two and three from, ooh, was it the Fast Fictions stand at UKCAC in 1989 (maybe from Gravett himself, I really can't remember - him or maybe Ed Pinsent). Loved them, and was blissfully unaware that there was an issue 4 and more (let alone with a colour cover - ooh, fancy!). I always just presumed that the two of them moved into pro work after - that said, did Gary ever get any pro gigs sans Warren? I always got a kick out of his mordant humour, and expected big things of him before he dropped off the comics radar.