Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Molly's School Report time ......

Much excitement tonight at Bruton mansions. It's that time of year for producing school reports. Working in a school I know full well the agony of time, repetition and imagination this paper pushing exercise ends up being.

In all honesty, does anyone really find anything out from reports that in anyway surprises them? Really? Perhaps if you can say yes to that you should ask your child's teacher why they haven't been in touch about it previously or maybe ask tourselves why you didn't notice anything?

But Molly's report was a lovely read. To sum it up, she's very nice, works very hard, reads fluently, is very enthusiastic about just about everything it seems and will do very well. All of which, to be honest, we knew. But it's always nice to be told these things. Just like we know that she loves us dearly but I will never grow tired of hearing her tell me this.

Of course, the one interesting thing that I always smile at with Molly's reports: Religious Education is always first on the report. One gets the idea that it would be okay to fail Maths, fail English, be terrible at Science but be very good with talking about God.

The other interesting thing is watching her mind work as she hands it over. Now, surely she must be aware that she's a lovely, clever, perfect (well, nearly) little girl. But there's always that little doubt in a child's mind. And it was wonderful seeing that doubt disappear. Of course, she's nearly 9 now so it wasn't long before the inevitable question of what she's be getting for it came out!

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