Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Over at the FPI weblog I do a little review thing called Propaganda. The name comes from the regular review sheet I used to do in pre web time for Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham back when I was the long serving (and 19 years is definitely long serving) Saturday boy.

I've just hit the absolute milestone of 100 posts. Which I'm actually pretty chuffed about. Okay, so technically post 100 was just a post about getting to 100 posts, but seeing as some of the early reviews consisted of at least 5 reviews all together as one, I figure some leeway's allowed.

What I decided to do in my idiocy for the 100th post was to carefully cross reference all of my reviews (and all of the other comic reviews on the site) and create one of those magical Wordpress pages us Blogger folks are so jealous of. Of course, being Blogger, all we have to do is wait long enough and they'll roll out their own version of pages.

But what a bloody fuss. Okay, so it's a huge list of links. But the formatting just kept dissolving into gibberish. I'd put it in, set it up, hit save. Then look at it and wonder why it decides to apply paragraph formatting and breaks almost at random
on an almost arbitrary basis. After much messing, I figured the best thing to do was just get the whole thing into notepad (perhaps the best bit of software Microsoft have ever produced) and do it there. Then copy and paste the lot into Wordpress. Thankfully that all worked. But what a fuss for such a little thing.

Still, 100 posts. I'm very pleased indeed. Hopefully at least 1 or 2 are even worth reading.

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