Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stress, Holidays, Work Stuff, More Stuff, Holidays starts in 6 work days...

Welcome to my mind......
Stress. I have stress. This is not good.
Tiredness. I have lots of that as well, but lets face it this is my own stoopid fault.

Real, paying work is school.
School has just 6 days left. I have at least 15 days worth of work to fit into these 6 days. This is not good. The end of term is full of things that really, really need to be in place before the start of Autumn term. And although that starts in September in actuality it's a week away. I've got two training days before things really start but I've learnt from bitter experience that those days are never available for any prep work. They always get taken up with either; some stupid training session, some glitch that's cropped up over the holidays, problems the teachers have suddenly decided they want fixing before the kids come back.

But if I get one thing done every day at school and one thing done each night at home I may just get away with it. I may end next Tuesday with the majority of it done.

Of course, some of the things on the to-do list are slightly less time-consuming than others. For example, one entry reads simply: Transfer website and redesign. That won't take long, will it? Oh shit, it will take ages wont it? Maybe that one can go onto the long term to-do list.
You get the idea.

So right now it's busy, busy, busy.
But only 6 days to go.

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