Monday, July 14, 2008

Sleep update ....... Experiment failed

Following the plan to get my sleep sorted and the drastic action of staying up all night to deliberately exhaust myself. (as detailed here)

The results are in.......

Sunday 29 / Monday 30 - that was the up all night session.
Monday 30th - asleep by 1:30am
Tuesday 1st - felt pretty good all day and most importantly didn't feel washed out and exhausted early evening. - asleep by 2:00am
Wednesday 2nd - asleep by 1:30am
Thursday 3rd- asleep by 1am
Friday 4th - asleep by 2:15am
Saturday 5th -asleep by 1am
Sunday 6th - asleep by 2:30am
Monday 7th - asleep by ....

Screw it. You get the idea. Must Try Harder.

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