Friday, August 22, 2008

Richard's Stupid i-pod A-Z thing update

The stupid I-pod thing continues. After a week we're now halfway through B. Bloody hell, this could take a while. But it's certainly reminding me of some of the music that I never listen to for one reason or another. I've tried doing something like this before but using shuffle it doesn't really work, as shuffle tends to get restarted after a little while and music gets missed.

For example, tonight it's Black Box Recorder, Blake Babies and Blondie. I rarely listen to the Blondie but tonight it's just been marvellous. Little things that amaze me; Rapture and that beautiful two minute lead out at the end with the last 50 seconds an amazing meld of what sounds like a completely new song with Debbie Harry's voice slowly fading away and a guitar solo coming out of nowhere. And after all these years I've finally realised what she's singing at one point: Back to Back, sacroiliac - as in the sacroiliac joint in your spine. Fantastic.

So I think the Stupid Ipod A-Z thing is proving to be a complete success.

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