Friday, August 22, 2008

Molly's Birthday Party

Like I said back here, today marked the start of a looong celebration of Molly's birthday. For one reason and another her birthday, which is this Monday, seems to be spreading over the next ten days.

Today was day 1 of the celebrations - Molly's birthday party:
The plan; Off to Kung Fu Panda at Pocklington Arts Centre at 1pm. Get out at 3pm. Head to Burnby Hall for fun and a runaround. Off to Pan e Vino at 5:30 for food and then all home at 7.

Good plan.
Rather falls apart when Kung Fu Panda finishes at 2:30 though. Ooops.
Okay, a change of plan, back to our house for a quick play and then across to Burnby Hall with 5 very excited children, especially Molly. Hyper doesn't really begin to cover it. Hyper hyper perhaps. Although even that doesn't really begin to explain how she's been today.
Next stage of plan falling apart rather. Just as we're heading out of the door - it starts raining. Oh poo. Back inside to play in the garage and wait out the rain. Half three. Two hours before food. This may be a loooong afternoon.
4:00pm. Rain looks like it's stopping. On with coats and off to Burnby Hall. Get as far as the entrance when rain starts again, although somewhat mysteriously the sky appears to have nothing but blue sky and fluffy white clouds. No idea where the rain is actually coming from, but it is making us wet so it's off to get an ice cream. Ice creams take 10 minutes and by this time the rain has stopped. Children head for playground. Rain starts again. Back into the tea room for drinks and a look round at the Stewart Museum at the gardens. Shower turns to proper tipping down.
A quick check on the bag shows me I made the right decision to bring every one of Molly's waterproofs and brollies along. We have just enough to make it home with the children dry. Of course, I managed to forget mine.
Finally home at 5pm, just in time to get dry and ready for a meal out.

A lovely day, chaperoning 5 children. It didn't go according to plan, but was a great day out nonetheless. A most importantly Molly and her friends had a great time.

This is just the opening salvo in the Molly birthday weekend. Next up we have friends around on Saturday and Sunday and then her actual birthday on Monday. And it carries on until next Monday in one way or another. By the end of it all I imagine she'll be exhausted or she may well have exploded with excitement.

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