Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Too much to do, Too much to do, Too much to do..... Anxiety time

Of course, after such a wonderful holiday, it seemed only fair that things come crashing down again.
Not only do I have to contend with the oncoming return to school after 6 weeks off, but I appear to be rather unwell.

So unwell in fact that I went to the doctor about it. He reckons it's possibly a chest infection that's causing the tightness in my chest and the fluttering heart. But I've talked to others who think it has far more chance of being Anxiety of some sort.

Those who know me will, at this point, be nodding their heads in a knowing and not very surprised way. But for those that don't: I'm a melancholic (depressive) with crap sleeping habits, a tendency to obsess over even the smallest things and a habit of getting stressed over these self same tiny problems. (See Black Dog, Sleep and Health for examples)

So the idea of me being overly anxious is so plausible as to be almost certain. Especially when we have a little look at some of the symptoms:

(From NHS Direct & The BBC) People with generalised anxiety may find that they:
  • easily lose their patience
  • have difficulty concentrating
  • think constantly about the worst outcome
  • have difficulty sleeping
  • become depressed and/or
  • become preoccupied with, or obsessional about, one subject
These mental symptoms lead to, and are supported by, physical symptoms. These can include:
  • excessive thirst
  • periods of intense pounding heart
  • periods of feeling winded
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • pins and needles
That's exactly me. The mental symptoms are me all the time. The physical ones have manifested over the last few weeks or longer, culminating in the pounding heart and tightness in the chest I'm feeling now. I think I see a radical change in lifestyle coming on.
So of course, as in so many things, now that I have been to the doctors and then got more information I'm probably going to have to go back to the doctors and ask him about Anxiety and if it could be exactly what's causing them problems. But at least now, between the possible treatment from the doctor and an idea of what's going on I can try to effect some improvements.

And as usual with any posts about my health, please don't worry, all is fine. I'm posting it because I'm working on it. Actually writing about it makes me feel better about it, isolates it, defines it and makes me concentrate on making it better.
It's all the crap I don't write about that you need to be worrying about!

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