Thursday, November 20, 2008

Compare and Contrast: Leeds Thought Bubble vs New York's Big Apple Con via Evan Dorkin

Having just come back from Saturday's Leeds Thought Bubble one day convention and having had a fantastic time, it's interesting to compare the best con I've been to with the experiences of a one Mr Evan Dorkin at this year's Big Apple Con.

Frankly it's just wonderful; a full on rant against almost everything and everybody there. It's cathartic and hideous in equal measure just reading it from this distance. I could pull quotes out to my hearts content but here's three. Go and read the thing if you want more:
I started making notes of what guests were doing to pass the time: reading comics, eating, tapping their pens, arranging and re-arranging books, staring at the ceiling, praying for death. Lines that did form were small, guests were forced into long conversations with blowhards with opinions on how everything in comics should ahve been handled, along with reflections and opinions on the economy, the election, and sports. Not much on personal hygiene, interpersonal relationships, or the evils of massive backpacks.

I almost always leave a show feeling good about comics, wanting to make comics as soon as I get some sleep and recover. This time around, I wanted to go get a job in a deli.

Bonus feature! People I didn't like ........ Myself for being there and forcing my child to endure some stuff Dante cut out of his book for being too "uncomfy".
Evan's rant in full is here.
Link via Heidi - and a belated happy brithday to her.

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