Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally, the Asus eeepc arrives......

Today I got my first Christmas and birthday present. After lusting after one for a long , long time, I've finally got my hands onto a lovely Asus eeepc. A little under a year since I first mentioned the damn thing, today I finally got one, spent a long time loading everything up and finally put the Libretto into the filing cabinet.

Poor, poor, lovely little Libretto. It served me incredibly well. Back when I picked it up, I needed it to be a small computer I could throw into a bag to make notes on. And it was wonderful. But that was two years ago nearly and things have moved spectacularly on by now. Which is why I'm typing this out on my brand new Eeepc and am just about to upload the post straight away when I'm finished.

New toys are very, very good indeed. And this is a cracking new toy.

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