Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More on that reviewing bet....... a glorious failure

Louise and I always have little bets with each other and they always have the same wager - always a takeway, loser buys.

The latest bet was all about the reviews that were sitting on my shelf just waiting to be read and written about. A simple bet - the next deadline I had for SFX magazine was 25th January, and Louise simply wagered that I couldn't review everything on the shelf by then.

Well, I failed. But at 11:50pm 25th January I had just one more book to review. And that's really not that bad at all. Hopefully this means I can keep going now and read and review as the books come in. A little less stressful than seeing them build up and build up and never seeming to catch up.
So, a failure. But a pretty wonderful, glorious one. Who knows, I might even get some spare time to get some more writing done on here.

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