Thursday, October 28, 2010

The way all computing should be?

A few days ago I was bemoaning that I had to get a new computer this half term. My XP desktop is nearly 8 years old and had started being a bit temperamental. Very bloody temperamental.

So it was off to get a new desktop yesterday, with me fully expecting to have to spend the next few days tweaking it all and getting it just right. Except it didn't work out that way at all. In fact, by 9 tonight I was finished. Everything worked quickly, installed smoothly, files transferred like a dream. Hell, even iTunes picked up all my music and artwork and didn't mess them up at all.

Unbelievable. Windows 7 seems pretty nice so far - in the barely notice it's there sense, like any operating system should do. Even better than that - practically silent, almost eerily so. I find myself noticing the quiet, more for the absence of noise than anything else. The old machine could occasionally manage to find some sort of frequency of fan whirring noise that would play havoc with my tinnitus. But every so often with this one I find myself turning down the music just to try to make out the noise.

So I was wrong. Yes, if I would have had a £1000 spare I'd probably have gone for a Mac. But I didn't, so Windows 7 will just have to do. And so far, it's doing rather well.

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