Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wait a minute - didn't I already do this?

Today we were in York - Christmas shopping.
Bloody hell it was busy. Luckily this year I'm getting a lot of it online. We've sorted Molly's presents pretty much. Louise is done, Dad's done nearly.

But as usual, it's Mom causing me problems.
She's always trouble to buy for. Books are out as she doesn't read that much, cds are the same. She doesn't collect anything and to be honest, given that I've spent the last year trying to convince mom and dad that they need to downsize and get rid of a load of possessions before they move, it would be stupid of me to get her another ornament or the equivalent.
Even worse is the inconvenient nature of her birth. It means I have to think of Birthday & Christmas presents for her in December.

Anyway, we were in Borders when Louise spotted this (italics from amazon blurb):

How far will you go to be a perfect parent? Does a child's birthday party fill you with performance anxiety? Do you drop boastful hints about your child, saying 'George is so "busy"' - even though George is six? If so, you might be suffering from the madness of modern families.

This book is a hilarious insight into the modern rat race that modern middle-class family life seems to demand. It asks, why have we acquired the skills of a black cab driver as we ferry our children from Monkey Music bassoon lessons to advanced trapeze? & why do four different children now require four different kids of pasta - leaving aside the pressure of children's birthday parties and the need to provide organic veggie Halal birthday cakes?

Now I think I may be right in thinking that the subject of this book is remarkably similar to this, this, this, this, this and this.
Where's my TV series? Where's my book? Where's my cut dammit?
Or maybe I should just be thankful that other people feel the same way?

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