Sunday, June 17, 2007

Doctor Who - back on track.....

Well, after a few really, really bad episodes in the middle of the series, everything is now completely forgiven.

The upturn came with the excellent Family of Blood / Human Nature two parter. Paul Cornell wrote a fantastic little Doctor as human tale.

But last week's show: Blink was one of the best in the entire new Doctor's run. The irony was that this was the episode where the Doctor can't really appear all that much. Because they have to do a Christmas special every year and there isn't enough time to make the series and the special because David Tennant can't be in two places at once, one episode per series has to be almost Doctor-less.
So Blink hung around the idea of the Doctor being stranded in time, able to communicate only through time by leaving messages and clues for Sally, the hero of the piece. It was well written, thoughtful, playful and clever. And in the Weeping Angels we finally had something truly terrifying. On the Molly scale of hiding behind Daddy, this scored big.

And then we had this week's episode. Another week of watching on a Sunday night as we were all out last night. But it was definitely worth it. Sure, I already knew the Master was coming back with John Simm playing the Master as Mr Saxon and after the trail last week I'd already guessed that the Professor was The Master to be regenerated into John Simm, but even knowing that, it was still an absolutely wonderful episode. We wait with baited breath for next week.

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