Friday, September 28, 2007

My new job. Same as the old job.

I got the job back in December 2006, started in January 2007 and within a month had realised that it was a fantastic job that I really loved.
But the problem was that it was only temporary. Maternity cover until July. Whenever I thought about it I got depressed with the realisation that no matter how good I was I wouldn't be here long.
Luckily, the post was extended until December 2007 when the old ICT Technician extended her maternity leave. But there was still a feeling that this was but a stay of execution.

Well, yesterday I got the fantastic news that I'd always hoped for.
The jobs mine.
She's not coming back at all.

Very, very happy.
Downside is that I have to get around to all of the jobs I'd looked at and decided I shouldn't do for fear of treading on her toes - a complete revamp of the ict suite, storage, throwing out loads of stuff, going through the software and getting rid of most of that.
But that's for next week.
My first full week as a properly employed person.
What a great feeling.